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Creator Navigation

The "Experiences" feature within the Creator empowers users to craft immersive product narratives. This tool enables you to seamlessly weave together elements of your products into compelling and interactive stories, providing your audience with a dynamic and engaging experience. To know more about Experiences click here.


The "Assets" page in the Creator serves as a pivotal hub for catalog management and model validation. It acts as a centralized repository, allowing users to efficiently view the contents that have been ingested into the platform manually or captured via ‘Incarnate by Avataar’ and accept / reject the associated 3D models. To know more about ‘Assets’, click here.
In the Creator, this dedicated tab provides you with the opportunity to explore the creations of the guest users. By navigating to this section, you can gain valuable insights, find inspiration and ideas about the diverse array of content generated by the Avataar community. To know more about ‘Community’ tab, click here.
The "Upload your Catalog" feature is a pivotal component within the Creator. This capability facilitates the seamless ingestion of your product catalog into the platform by uploading a .xlsx file. This intuitive functionality ensures that intended products from your catalog are ingested saving you time and effort in the setup process. To know about the detailed process click here.
Note - This option is not available for the guest users.
This feature in the Creator provides administrators with an option to seamlessly handle team members' onboarding, and access permissions within the Avataar platform. Administrators can efficiently extend invitations to new members, manage their permissions and remove them from the platform if needed. To know more about the features under ‘User Management’ click here
Note - This option is not available for the guest users.
The "My Profile" option is your personal gateway to Avataar. Within this section of the Creator, you can explore information about the platform, seek assistance, and log out when needed. To know more click here