🔷User Management

Here is everything you need to know about User Management

This feature in the Creator provides administrators with an option to seamlessly handle team members' onboarding, and access permissions within the Avataar platform. Administrators can efficiently extend invitations to new members, manage their permissions and remove them from the platform if needed.

How to Invite Team Members?

Administrators can invite users by clicking the 'Send Invite' button after providing the user's email address and role (Admin / Non-Admin). Once the button is clicked, an email will be sent to the specified email address, inviting the person to join the on-demand space on the Creator. This email will grant access to the Incarnate App and the Creator to the individual, enabling them to review the progress of capture and experience creation.

How to Manage Team Members?

The lower section of the page features a panel that provides a comprehensive list of all onboarded team members. The columns within the panel display pertinent information, including the user's name, their current status, and their assigned role. You can also change the role of the user with a simple drop-down menu.

How to Remove a Team Member?

Administrators have the authority to remove team members from the platform by clicking on the 'Remove' button. To easily locate a specific user, a search bar is conveniently provided on the right side of the screen.

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