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How to use the catalog ingestion template?

Through the 'Download Template' option, you can download a sample file (.xlsx format) that will help you ingest your existing catalog in the Creator.

Fields in the ingestion template are explained below:


The product name is a unique identifier assigned to distinguish one product from another and is typically displayed in catalogs, online stores, and other product listings. For example, "XYZ Smartphone 2000" or "ABC Premium Laptop."

Product Name

The SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) ID is a unique alphanumeric code assigned to each product to track inventory and sales. It can include numbers, letters, or a combination of both. For example, "SKU12345" or "ABC001."


This field is to determine if it is physically possible to capture a particular product through the Incarnate App.

Reference Images

You need to provide either a link to the product's PDP that includes images from various angles or a link to a drive folder containing manually taken images of the particular product

Mesh URL

This is an optional field where you can provide the link to the existing mesh (if any) of the product which should be downloadable


This field refers to the classification or the grouping to which the specific product belongs based on its characteristics, features, or intended use. E.g. consumer electronics, furniture, toys, home decor, etc.


This field refers to a further more specific classification of the product within a broader category. E.g. furniture category may include sofas, tables, chairs, beds, etc. as subcategories.


  • Length - This refers to the longest dimension of the product

  • Width - This refers to the shorter dimension which is perpendicular to the length

  • Height - This refers to the vertical dimension of the product


  • All fields except links to reference images and existing mesh, are mandatory

  • Link to reference images is a must for existing meshes and for objects that are not capturable

  • The Capturable? The field should be set to ‘No’ if a link to existing meshes is provided

  • Users must ensure that the uploaded files contain accurate content or are modified by a later upload

  • Upload of a Catalog file should be validated, resulting in a successful upload or errors. It is also possible to upload several Catalog files.

  • Primary and Secondary SKU IDs should be configured to show the relationship between variants of the same objects

  • An SKU ID marked Secondary in one row should not be marked Primary in another row

  • SKU IDs may contain alphabets, numbers, and special characters

  • Dimensions should be in number format, no text allowed.

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