🔷Upload 3D Model

How does the upload 3D model option helps the users?

The Upload 3D Model option in the Avataar web app allows users to upload their own 3D models along with associated textures into the catalog. The supported file formats include GLB, USDZ, PNG, and JPG. Additionally, this section covers the configuration options available for creating an engaging 3D/AR experience. All of the files can be uploaded together as a group.

Follow these steps to upload your 3D models and the textures into the catalog.

  • Click on the ‘Upload’ button in the Catalog Ingestion page, upload all the supported files from your system.

  • This will upload the selected files (Note: Both GLB and USDZ files must be uploaded) and bring up the panel that helps you to configure your 3D/AR experience. It has the following options:

    • Product Information

    • Color Variants

    • Interaction

    • Dimensions

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