🔹How to create the Keyframes to add animation in a project?

You can animate the position, rotation, scale, and opacity of objects, as well as text elements. To create keyframes for a specific property:

  • Move the keyframe slider to the desired frame, e.g., frame 100 (it will be located at frame 0 by default)

  • Click on the diamond-stroked icon corresponding to the property (e.g, position, rotation, scale, or opacity). This sets the initial keyframe for the property, which is represented as a black diamond marker on the timeline

  • After creating the keyframe, click on the black diamond icon for the relevant property. A small panel with text fields for x, y and z coordinates appears, you can enter the desired value for the property

  • After completing the initial keyframe, you can move the keyframe slider to another frame (e.g., frame 200), and then repeat the same process for that frame and subsequent frames. This allows you to set different property values for each keyframe and create a smooth animation that transitions between the defined keyframes. By adjusting the properties at different frames, you can control how the 3D scene and objects change over time, resulting in dynamic and engaging animations

  • This action sets up another keyframe at the specified frame, also represented as a black diamond marker on the timeline

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