🔷How to Choose an Object to Scan?

Pro Users

If you are a pro user and have already ingested your catalog, you will be asked to choose an object to scan after logging into the application. You will be able to find all the ingested catalogs that have not been scanned yet and can choose the correct one by clicking on the 'Select' button, which appears at the bottom.

On this page, you can search for an SKU using the search bar at the top.


The aforementioned page will not be displayed in the following cases, if no catalog has been ingested for your account. In this case, you will directly land on the Capture page after logging in.

Once you select the SKU, you will be landed on the capture page and can start with the next steps.

Guest Users

If you are a guest user, you will be directed to the capture page post login. You can immediately start with the next steps after picking the object you want to capture.

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