🔷How to Capture the Object?

The next stage involves capturing the selected product, with the ultimate goal of obtaining the best possible outcome by covering the product from various angles. The application assists the user by providing visual markers placed around the objects. The capture process is completed when the user follows four markers at different heights, as instructed in the application (as shown in the screenshot below).

When you encounter the screen displayed below in your app, it indicates that the capture process needs to be initiated. In this step, the marker guides the user to capture the top of the product.

You need to start walking around the object, ensuring that the dome remains centered on the screen and avoid triggering the 'Move Closer!' or 'Step back!' messages. As you move around the object, the dome gradually turns green (as shown in the screenshot below).

Once the entire dome turns green, it indicates that the specific marker has been captured correctly, and the next ring will automatically appear.

After completing the top ring, gradually move the phone downwards and repeat the same process with the next ring. Finally, repeat the process with the last ring to finalize the capture. Once the dome and all the rings have been covered, the upload process will begin automatically.

Note : If you have enabled the 'Bottom Capture' option from the 'Hamburger Menu' before starting the scanning process, the app will give you an option to capture the bottom of the product. However, if you change your mind you can “skip”, else you will be redirected to the bottom scanning part within a few seconds. To expedite this process, you can click on 'Continue to bottom scanning'.

To capture the bottom of the product, turn it upside down and follow the same process of positioning the mat and bounding box. Start capturing the bottom of the product by capturing the dome. Your capture will be successfully uploaded once this step is completed.

Important :

  • In order to get the best output, please try to maintain a steady pace while capturing.

  • Throughout the capture process, if you encounter prompts such as 'Move Closer' or 'Step back', please adjust your position accordingly for the best outputs

  • In case you miss a spot and a part of the dome/ring does not turn green, gently backtrack to cover it before proceeding. Until you cover all the rings, you will not be able to move to the next step.

  • At any given point, you feel the capture is not going as intended, please feel free to refresh using the refresh button at the top right corner of the screen and start a fresh capture from step-1.

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