You can precisely control/limit the camera movement and zoom using the following three options which will be available in the right panel once you click on the Camera button.

Camera Modes

The mode of camera you choose determines how it behaves in your project. There are two main options:


This camera focuses on and follows a specific object (target) you designate.

The result is a smooth, uninterrupted shot as the target moves.

You can adjust the camera's position and the target's position using the timeline for finer control.

Free-Form Camera

This camera allows for complete control over its movement and rotation.

Unlike the locked-to-target camera, it's not restricted to following a specific object.

This freedom enables you to capture dynamic shots of the scene from any angle.

The timeline provides frame-by-frame control over the camera's position and rotation for precise adjustments. Note: Switching between camera modes within a project will result in losing camera animations.

Camera Settings

Camera Setting can be used to change the camera position across ā€˜xā€™, ā€˜yā€™ and ā€˜zā€™ axis.


FOV (Field of View) slider is provided, which allows users to adjust the camera's field of view. This control modifies the visible area captured by the camera, influencing how much of the scene is displayed and the perception of depth and perspective.

Animation Block

You can add pre-existing animation in the main camera using the animation block. Pan and Zoom are a few of the animation blocks available for Camera..

Camera Pan

You can select the Camera_Pan option which allows them to choose their preferred speed and direction and seamlessly apply the animation. Speed

You will be able to change the speed of the preset with the given dropdown spanning the range from 0.25 to 4.


You can select the direction from the following Left to Right, Right to Left, Top to Bottom, Bottom to Top based on their preference.

Camera Zoom

You can use the Camera_Zoom option which enables them to choose their preferred speed and zoom level and apply the animation accordingly.


You will be able to change the speed of the preset with the given dropdown spanning the range from 0.25 to 4.


You can adjust the zoom level which is to be implemented in the animation using this option as per your preference.

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