๐Ÿ”นColor Variant

Click on Color Variants to see the following fields. This option is used to configure the different color variants of a product.

Color 1:

Color Name:

The color name refers to the specific shade or hue assigned to a product. For example, "Ruby Red," or "Navy Blue." If you have uploaded a โ€˜glbโ€™ with textures, the Color Name will be automatically filled with the name of the uploaded file, please feel free to use a more suitable name as per your preference.

Color SKU ID

The color SKU ID is a unique identifier assigned to a specific color variant of a product. It helps differentiate products that have the same model or style but come in different colors. If you have uploaded a glb embedded with textures, the color SKU ID will be automatically filled and wonโ€™t be editable.

Note: A PNG or JPEG file with a resolution of โ€˜300X300โ€™ should be uploaded as the color icon. This icon will appear in the final web experience. The upload option is available next to the label โ€˜Color1โ€™.

Click on โ€˜Add Materialโ€™ to see the following options.

  • Select material: This drop-down is used to choose the uploaded material in GLB to configure. For example, โ€œCeramic_matโ€.

  • Select node: This option allows you to select the geometry node to configure. For example, โ€œVase_geoโ€.

  • Select map type: This option is used to select a texture map that must be configured. For example, โ€œBaseMapโ€, โ€œNormalโ€, โ€œRoughnessโ€, etc.

  • Select map file name: This option is used to select the uploaded texture maps in JPEG or png format. For example, โ€œceramic_mat_BaseColor.pngโ€.

Then click on โ€˜Add Mapโ€™ to assign the texture map. Along similar lines, add the other texture maps such as normal, roughness, metalness, etc. by choosing the map type and the corresponding map file name and then clicking on the โ€˜Add Mapโ€™ option.

If multiple materials are uploaded, you can repeat the process of adding additional materials by clicking on โ€˜Add Materialโ€™ and going through the above process of selecting and uploading the appropriate maps.

Note: If you uploaded a โ€˜glbโ€™ embedded with textures, the aforementioned option wonโ€™t be visible.

Add Color:

This option is used to configure secondary colors.


1. Avoid using 4k textures to reduce load times

2. For iOS and Android uploads, 4k textures will auto-convert to 2k, if uploaded.

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