🔷Generate AI 3D Models

The Generate 3D Models allows you to generate 3D models with generative Ai using a Text Prompt or Image as inputs.

Give a text prompt

You can enter the name of your desired object in text form in the text box to generate the 3D model of the object. E.g. Brown 2-seater sofa

Upload an Image

The 'Image to 3D' option enables users to create their own 3D models by uploading a single image of any product. To use this feature, simply click on the option and upload a clear image of the product in either .png, .jpeg or .heic format to generate the corresponding 3D model.

All the outputs created through the Text/Image to 3D option are accessible under the 'Previously Uploaded' tab, along with those currently under processing.

Previously Uploaded

  • Upload an image with a white background

  • Upload a front-facing image of the object keeping the camera at 90 degree

To get the best output through this option, please ensure that -

Important :

To open a completed model in the experience creator, simply click on it.

  • Processing

  • Completed

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