The term 'scene' encompasses the backdrop and environment that surrounds the object. It plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal and immersive quality of the experience. Note : To delete, hide or replace the scene just right click on the scene.

My Scene

Here you can find all the 3D Scenes that were added by you or your team using the 'Upload Scene' option in the creator under Scene.

Scene Library

Here you can find the Preset Scenes provided by Avataar which you can use to create the experiences.

Import Scene

With this option, you can enhance your experience by adding an environment a Scene from the Presets or previously uploaded by you or your team.

Upload Scene

You can use this section to upload any 3D scene in .glb format to use in the experience and achieve your desired output.

Scene Settings

In the right hand panel you’ll see the settings when a scene is selected that will allow you to adjust the position, rotation, and scale of the scene. These settings significantly influence the overall layout and presentation of the 3D environment.

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