Version 2.1

We're excited to announce a new update to Creator! This release brings several new features and improvements to enhance experience creation and animation experience.

New Features:

  • Video Support in 3D Workspace: You can now add videos to your 3D scenes for even richer and more interactive experiences. Upload videos directly from the Composition Panel and customize their volume and transparency using the Properties Panel.

  • Breakpoint in Web Scroll: This feature allows you to create engaging web animations by defining multiple scroll points within your animation timeline. Control the scrolling behavior of your web pages for a seamless blend of smooth scrolling and precise snapping effects.

  • Select and Move- Easily manage your animations with the ability to select multiple keyframes in the timeline. There are two methods for selection: Keyboard Shortcut: Hold Ctrl (on Windows) or Cmd (on Mac) while clicking on individual keyframes. You can select any number of keyframes this way. Mouse Selection: Click and hold your mouse button while dragging across the timeline to create a selection box. Any keyframes within the box will be selected.

  • Copying and Pasting Keyframes: Streamline your animation workflow with the ability to copy and paste keyframes between elements. This saves time and effort when creating complex animations with repeated movements.


  • Object Replacement: When replacing objects within your project, you can now choose whether to resize the new object to match the old object's size. This provides more flexibility and control over your scene composition. We hope you enjoy this update!

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