Version 2.2

Release Notes

We're excited to announce a new update to Creator! This release brings several new features and improvements to enhance experience creation and animation experience.

New Features: Enhanced Timeline Navigation: Precise zoom controls and cursor snapping for effortless keyframe placement.

Layer Repositioning: Freely move layers to adjust your animation layout.

Material Animation: Breathe life into your projects by dynamically changing materials of the 3D models using the timeline to create transitions.

Preserve UV: Maintain consistent textures across complex 3D objects, even when broken down into separate parts. No more worrying about distorted textures!

Node Animation: Achieve granular control by animating individual parts (nodes) of your 3D objects. Animate positions, rotations, and even material properties on specific sections for intricate animations.

Animating Lights: Now animate light properties on the timelines using keyframes.

Multilingual Input: Creator now supports text input in various languages, allowing you to create content for a global audience. We hope you enjoy this update!

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