December 1, 2023

  1. Filters for projects and templates on landing page

Navigate through projects and templates effortlessly by using categories on the left side panel of the landing page

  1. Tailored workspaces for your requirements

Get access to customized workspaces based on your project requirements, choose any of the below mentioned project types and start creating as per your need

  • Video

  • 3D Webpage

  • 3D/AR View

  1. Adjust you canvas size with ease using collapsible widgets

You can now collapse side panels on workspace using collapsible widgets to configure the workspace canvas area

  1. Enhanced view for animation timeline

Drag animation timeline up and down to adjust the timeline area and improve the overview for more complex/detailed projects

  1. Seamlessly access the 3D AR experiences with QR Codes

Now you can scan QR code on the screen to access 3D AR links while reviewing the 3D models

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