Version 2.4

We're excited to announce a new update to Creator! This release brings several new features and improvements to enhance experience creation and animation experience. New Features-

Camera Modes

Locked-to-Target Camera: Focuses on and follows a specific target, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted shots. You can adjust both the camera's and the target's positions using the timeline for finer control.

Free-Form Camera: Allows complete control over camera movement and rotation, enabling dynamic shots from any angle. The timeline provides frame-by-frame control for precise adjustments.

Note: Switching between camera modes within a project may result in the loss of some animations and keyframes due to differing animation methods. To avoid this, decide on the camera mode before adding keyframes.

Pivot Point Adjustments:

Edit Pivot: Customize the pivot point of a 3D model to better suit transformation needs such as rotation, scaling, or translation. Use the shortcut (Ctrl + .) to edit a pivot point.

Reset Pivot for All Nodes: Reset all pivot points to their original baked in pivot points.

Auto Keyframing

Auto Keyframing: Automatically creates keyframes in the animation timeline whenever a property value is modified, eliminating the need to manually insert keyframes. Toggle auto keyframing on and off with the shortcut Shift + K.

HDRI Settings

Exposure Adjustment: Increase or decrease the HDRI’s exposure to meet your creative goals.

HDRI Rotation: spin the HDRI around its horizontal (X) and vertical (Y) axes for optimal scene lighting.

We hope you enjoy this update!

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